Outer Horizons Nº3




Outer Horizons is an international publication by Galeria d’Art Horizon with the aim to synthesize contemporary culture and thought unlimited by cultural , geographical, or thematic boundaries. We have brought together thinkers from many countries and cultures to exchange ideas in the artistic field as well as providing a forum for diverse cultural perspectives.


Outer Horizons No.3 “Creativity versus Art”. Versus, despite the way the term is generally used today, did not originally mean “against” but rather “towards”. We owe this etymological distortion, it seems, to the language of boxing: during the fight each fighter faces up to his opponent in an act of symbolic construction based on the tension of dialogue.


What remains of the established boundaries between disciplines? Can we once again call attention to worn out concepts such as manual skills, for example, in order to rescue a possible definition of art? Can barriers be broken down and there be no new limits set without dealing the established disciplines a mortal blow?


The binomial CREATIVITY VERSUS ART aims to be a broad question in the form of a completely open dialogue…


The presentation

“Crick Crack” 10 interpretations infraleves will take place on Tuesday, 29. of November 2011, 19:30 at JiM Contemporani


29. November until 16. December 2011
Open from Wednesday to Friday 19:00–21:00.


JiM Contemporani

Rambla Catalunya 43, 2/2
08007 Barcelona
tel. 659 219 666