Why Drawing Now?



Why Drawing Now ?

Takesada Matsutani, Patrick Loste, Yoon-Hee, Enric Ansesa, Ignacio Uriarte, Enrique Brinkmann, Ralph Bernabei, Ramon Sicart, Victor Ramirez, Rafa Forteza, Àlex Nogue, Luis Robayo, Triny Prada.


Drawing was once considered merely a study for a subsequent work of art, today artists often choose drawing as their primary medium. Many artists trained in other media are turning to drawing as a way to expand their practice, and see it as equal with other art forms, rather than secondary to painting or sculpture. Technology offers artists numerous new ways to produce art that are far less time-consuming and tedious than drawing, yet many young, techno-savvy artists are making freehand drawings.

Collectors often seek out drawings for their unique qualities, such as the directness and authenticity of the medium and the immediacy of the results. Historically, drawing has stood for discipline and verisimilitude. “Disegno”, the italian word for drawing, was long the term used in academic debates to refer to the conceptual articulation of compositional structure. Drawing was the same as preparing. More recently, the onset of the spontaneous, the instinctual, and the unplanned have taken precedence.

Galeria Horizon has chosen fourteen artistas entre nacionales y internacionales to demonstrate the unique ways that artists exploit drawing associated with line, immediacy, modesty of means, and didactics to address contemporary concerns from the political to the poetic.

La lista incluido Takesada Matsutani, Patrick Loste, Ignacio Uriarte, Yoon-Hee, Victor Ramirez, Enric Ansesa, Enrique Brinkmann, Ralph Bernabei, Ramon Sicart, Rafa Forteza, Alex Nogue, Luis Robayo, Jaume Amigo y Triny Prada.


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Enrique Brinkmann
‏Untitled 1992
‏Chinese ink on paper
‏45 x 60 cm
Ignacio Uriarte
Emptying the pen
Ink on paper 3 drawings
59.4 x 42 cm
Victor Ramiez
Untitled 2013
Mixed technique on paper
35 x 70 cm
Jaume Amigó
Untitled 2007
Mixed technique on paper
36 x 45 cm
Triny Prada
Vagues 2011
Thread Drawing, silicone
44 x 54 cm