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In times of celebration we remember all the multiple complicities, risks, bets, empathies established between the Gallery Horizon and the artists who have shown work here along with others of more recent discovery. Ties have become knots of friendship with people visiting us these twenty-five years: looking at the Horizon. Getting here, all the way to Colera, to see an art exhibition is an act of will, and requires a certain effort that we have always been thankful for. Our space is an offering; meeting with the visitor in a geography that does not always show its kindest face. We never looked for differences. We never built walls, always wanting to build bridges: "links".

For this celebration we have prepared two collective exhibitions with the generic name of "LINKS". The criteria for selection from the many artists who have passed through the gallery was difficult; but finally circumstances made decisions; accessibility, space and diversity ended up creating samples that value the links that the Artists have established with Horizon.

In this exhibition of sculpture and photography we invite the visitor to put their ear to the sculptures and listen and to feel the photographs with their eyes as if they were fingers.
Art lets us listen with the body, think with the heart, feel with the feet. It should not surprise us; it is akin to using metaphors: your eyes are like stars, your skin is like the wind, when we do this the sense of art is born. The exchange of perceptions creates a way to the universal replacing eyes with stars, everything is put in relation, everything is in everything.

Artists know how to place crossed sensations and invisible threads in the atmosphere of their personal sphere through form and beauty. When this happens, time is no longer necessary, because they put into relation things that have already happened with things of an unknown future. This is why immediate enjoyment, sudden and unexpected, is so important; like experience remembered in tranquillity. Aesthetic contemplation should be revived, silent gazing makes lasting sensations and puts consciousness in a higher state making it possible to hear colours, to see the sounds of a sculpture and to perceive tactile sensations in a photograph.

Andre Martus
Riera i Aragó
Hiro Matsuoka
Philippe Soussan
Christoph Muller
Monica Fuster
Tom Blaess


Opening Saturday August 12 at 19:30


Yoon Hee
87 x 100 cm
Philippe Soussan
Impression InkJet
100 x 150 cm
Hiro Matsuoka
20 x 20 cm

Monica Fuster
Impression InkJet
69 x 51 cm

acero inoxidable