The exhibition consists of a series of eight small works on paper titled “Mesolíticos” as well as recent mixed media paintings on plywood and others on canvas of various formats.

Brinkmann's works have always been a game of opposites. He describes it as chaos with a lot of order. "All my works arise in a somewhat chaotic way and that is when the creative process begins and I strive to find balance. I try to put it in order, but almost always, I mess it up again. Construction and destruction are two constants in my work, I like that they are always present”, confesses Enrique Brinkmann.

Fernando Castro Flórez states that Enrique Brinkmann's work redefines the concept of gestures, distancing himself from coarse diction to assert subtlety, the most magical of lightness, as elemental to aesthetics. He explains that the surfaces are "touched" by absolute mastery, striving to activate totality through the smallest details. With a kind of quasi-oriental mood, Brinkmann trusts the gaze that knows revelations to be the product of patience.

That which seemed almost empty or left in the state of complete whiteness is, in reality, animated by infinite points, strokes, material impregnations, that is, for a secret life that reaches get excited.

At a time of total amnesia, when reality is deconstructed by the howling of the show business, Art is an experience of resistance. Brinkmann's painting, despite what we read on the surface, will not be forgotten, more likely the opposite, it is a formal territory to remember.

In an interview with Diario de Sevilla about his last exhibition in Malaga the journalist Cristina Fernández asked Enrique Brinkmann how he has seen from the inside the evolution of the arts plastic during these 60 years of his career. The artist replied: “What bothers me today is that system in the world in which painting is a product and the painter is a brand, and you have to sell the product and the brand. It is very focused on the market, it is no longer the art world as it was before, it’s the art market. This, for me, is a very negative way of seeing. "


60 x 80 cm
Acrylic on Arches paper
Con borde Amarillo
100 x 81 cm
Oil on canvas 
50 x 61 cm
Mixed technique on canvas 
Tres Lineas Carmin
122 x 100cm
Mixed technique on wood
33 x 41 cm
Mixed technique on canvas