Vicenç Viaplana


Vicenç Viaplana is an amazing painter. The first time I saw his work I thought of an aesthetic of the limits. His work took me, picture to picture, frantically, by the narrow margin between painting, photography or cinema. Images discarded fragments of a visual universe that has lost its referent, margins of a reality that is not designed to explain or mean. His proposal builds and feeds the ecosystem of vision in which we live, pictures that are recycled over and over constantly looking for new uses. Most surprising is that this proposal is very pictorial. The traditional format of the painting and acrylic art has evolved in the proposal to do away Viaplana any topic related to the painting itself. Even say that the painter has disappeared leaving us alone with disturbing images that speak of emptiness, of fragments and more contemporary panics. His painting does not make any concession, not even the painter himself. Deletes the gesture, the mannerist signs of identity - as common in most artists – he seems determined to leave no track and change but the set of his work is brutally personal. Here lies the great paradox and mystery of his work.

Bettina Brandeman

Individual Exhibitions


  • Centre d'Art Experimental del Parc del Garraf. Barcelona
  • Galeria AB Granollers. Barcelona
  • Sala del Templaris. Vilafranca del Penedés



  • Galeria Horizon. Colera Girona
  • Galeria Masha Prieto. Madrid
  • Galeria Carles Taché. Barcelona
  • Galeria Carles Taché. Barcelona



  • Galeria Masha Prieto. Madrid



  • Galeria Carles Taché. Barcelona



  • Galeria Masha Prieto. Madrid
  • Sala de la Rambla. Girona
  • Compact Art Collection. A.C. Rrose Selavy. Barcelona
  • Galeria Carles Taché. Barcelona
  • Museu de Granollers. Barcelona

  • Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona
  • Sala Robayera. Miengo. Santander
  • Galeria Antonio de Barnola, Barcelona

  • Galeria Siboney, Santander
  • Pabellón de Mixtos. La Ciudadela. Pamplona

  • Galeria AB, Granollers, Barcelona
  • Den Gallery, Tokio
  • Galerie Hilt, Basel

  • Gallery 16, Kyoto
  • Fernando Alcolea Gallery, New York
  • Galeria Fernando Alcolea, Barcelona
  • Galerie de LaTour. Groningen

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