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In times of celebration we remember all the multiple complicities, risks, bets, empathies established between the Gallery Horizon and the artists who have shown work here along with others of more recent discovery. Ties have become knots of friendship with people visiting us these twenty-five years: looking at the Horizon. Getting here, all the way to Colera, to see an art exhibition is an act of will, and requires a certain effort that we have always been thankful for. Our space is an offering; meeting with the visitor in a geography that does not always show its kindest face. We never looked for differences. We never built walls, always wanting to build bridges: "links".

For this celebration we have prepared two collective exhibitions with the generic name of "LINKS". The criteria for selection from the many artists who have passed through the gallery was difficult; but finally circumstances made decisions; accessibility, space and diversity ended up creating samples that value the links that the Artists have established with Horizon. LINKS: See the word

The relationship between painting and speech is fruitful. The boundaries between text and painting, between seeing and naming have defined much of contemporary art. The action of a brushstroke stops in an instant, quick as a flash. When we speak or write a sequence appears. A single creation in two moves.

In Western visual art we establish very clear limits between seeing or writing. In the East pictograms or ideograms are painted words. In the oriental theory of landscape when it is said that all the elements in a painting establish the same correspondence between themselves, it refers to the vibrations, to the relationship between text, image and thing.

In this exhibition seeing and naming gather together in a desire to create perceptions rather than reasoned ideas, suggesting more than saying. We can interpret a circle, a trembling line with the same suggestive power as the word circle, the word line, or tremor. The visitor is invited to complete the aesthetic experience, not saying a single thing; the viewer puts what is missing, filling the void with free interpretation. Abstract paintings speak and remain silent, awaiting the presence of the passer-by. Only then is it possible to speak of real empathy. Correspondences and resonances are the real concepts that appear in the vibration of the works of art. That’s why Chinese or Japanese calligraphy can be moving without us knowing what it means. If that happens with a text, it is even more so with an abstract painting where we guess at a language closed but full of emotion.

Jaume Plensa
Enric Ansesa
Lluís Vilà
Fornells Pla
Dai Bin In
Victor Ramirez
Ralph Bernabei
Takesada Matsutani
Richard Meier
Buzz McCall
Xavier Escriba
Keizo Abiko
Peter Downsbrough


Opening Saturday, July 15 at 19:30h.


Jaume Plensa
Tecnica mixta 11/ 20
28 x 28 cm
Peter Downsbrough
Glicée print Ed. 30
50 x 68 cm
Lluís Vilà
Serie Congreso del Mundo
Tecnica mixta / resina
50 x 50 cm

Xavier Escriba
Dubtar de tot . . .  i pintar
Dessins manuscrits
70 x 50 cm

Victor Ramirez
Sin Titulo
Tecnica mixta sobre papel
50 x 65 cm
Kiezo Abiko
Tinta sobre papel
66 x 27 cm