Edvard Lieber

Edvard Lieber has appeared in Europe, North America, and South America as a concert pianist, composer, chamber musician, soloist with orchestra, and guest artist on numerous radio and television broadcasts. He worked as a cinematographer on ten feature films for German and Swiss television from 1976 through 1982, and withdrew from the concert stage in 1983, to create works fusing multiple art forms. His first independent film, Seven Portraits (1983, Willem de Kooning, Leonard Bernstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Tennessee Williams, Andy Warhol, John Cage, Liv Ullmann), was featured in six international film festivals, including the 1984 Berlin International Film Festival, 1984 São Paulo Film Festival, and 1984 Taipei International Film Festival. He taught for thirty years at the School of Visual Arts in New York (1978–2008), where he created two courses correlating nine art forms.

Music to Paintings (1996, Concord Concerto CD) comprises all of his musical compositions inspired by contemporary paintings. He is the author of Willem de Kooning: Reflections in the Studio (2000, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.), which includes ninety-eight of his photographs of de Kooning. His drawings, photographs, paintings, and films have been shown in galleries and museums in the United States and Europe.

“Lieber shows the tip of the iceberg of experience submerged in life, experience nurtured in its own life story, with the visible work of art as a remaining sign, a souvenir, a shorthand metaphor that moves form sound to silence, from void to visible, from inner to
outer, from architected lifeline to accidental splotch...There is not a mark that has not grown out of Lieber’s process of thinking about what he is thinking about. Poetry in the language of words is also incorporated as texts within the picture frame as well as
titles outside. Fragile directional lines, needle thin, point from the inner world to the outer with paper pulled and torn as if worn away by time. He deliberately obscures direct evidence as part of the process of scrutiny.”

Rose Slivka

  • Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY. ac·qui·si·tions, October 24–January 17, 2010

  • Galería d’Art Horizon, Girona, Spain. Time and Chance, August 16–September 24

  • Heckscher Museum of Art. Huntington, NY. A Century of Collecting, September 18–November 14

  • Galería d’Art Horizon, Girona, Spain. La Conquista del Espacio, August 11–September 6

  • USM Kayenberg GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. A House for a Home, December 2–19

  • Arlene Bujese Gallery, East Hampton, NY. Dealer’s Choice; December 29, 1995–January 31, 1996

  • Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, NY. Drawing on Friendship; January 6–February 1;

  • Albany Museum of Art, Albany, GA. The Perfect Likeness; February 7–March 13

  • Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY. New York Collection 1991–92; October 25–November 16

  • Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, NY. Summer Group Show; June 14–August 25

  • Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, NY. Invitational Benef it for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company; November 29–December 8

  • Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York, NY. The Artist in the Park; April 29–May 30

  • Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, NY. Winter Group Show; December 18–January 12, 1980

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